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Rent your property with us

You want to offer your furnished apartment for rent? Our tenants are foreigners: entrepreneurs, students or travelers who come toBuenos Aires to work, study or tourism and look for the place where they live isfully equipped like home, with the same amenities and benefits.The neighborhoods are those who choose to live downtown, with night(preferably) life, safe and easily accessible.The rental period varies from one week to six months.

The landlord gives thedepartment to Tu lugar en Argentina with an inventory of the property.The Rent is charged in advance and in cash on check-in, when the contract issigned except when the rental period is longer than one month. In that casecharged month after month.In this act a security deposit that is returned to the tenant on the day of checkout is also charged, once it has been supervised the general state of theapartment and in the case of not having found no damage, otherwise will beretained; the deposit amount.Our commission is 15% of the total contract.

If you want to work your department, call us at (+54 11) 4731-8619 or at 155812 8471 or write

We appraise and orient free to present your property to the public

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