As is the minimum period of stay in an apartment?

Some of the apartments published in this site can be booked for a minimum stay of one week. However certain departments have a higher minimum period.


What is the maximum stay in an apartment?

The maximum stay is 6 months, in accordance with the applicable legislation in force, with the possibility of renewing for another 6 months. However, this possibility is subject to availability.


What are the forms of payment accepted?

The rental payment will be paid; only in cash in dollars and / or weights as the published price.


I make a reservation?

You must enter the chosen department and put book and complete the form that got us with your data.


How much should I pay to make a reservation? 

You have to pay 30% of the total value of the stay.


How and when to pay the remaining amount of the stay?

Upon check-in and sign the corresponding rental contract.


At what time I can enter the apartment?

Passenger received 365 days of the year; 9 to 18 pm, a member of our staff will greet guests upon arrival at the previously agreed time between the parties, with a minimum of 72 hours before the day of check in. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and outside of office hours (9-18) will be charged a fee for check in and check out which is US $ 50 and must be notified in advance to Your place in Argentina. Or do not check in or check outs between 12 midnight and six o'clock.


We must make a deposit in order to rent?

You must pay a damage deposit: If you stay: Less than 30 days, the same amount as the period rented Between 1 and 6 months: one month's rent


There are extra charges for gas, electricity or water?

The prices of all our departments include expenses and services, electricity and gas are capped and paid extra if consumed more than the prescribed amount.


How often are the apartments cleaned?

Some of the apartments include weekly maid service (in some cases includes changing towels, etc.). For a more frequent maid service will be charged extra. There are other departments that do not include this service.