Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Foreign person chooses an apartment of our website and ask for the rentalperiod established with a start date and an end date. Write to us, we consult the owner if the apartment is available, making the booking by phone or mail that is validated when the deposit (15% of the total contract) is made.The cash deposits are made through a bank transfer or through Western Union or by credit card payment through the page. Once confirmed the payment and received all passenger information, send an email where the reservation is made effective.

The above mentioned reservation does not return for any reason if the tenant decides not to rent or if it changes the term of the rent shortening it. The day of arrival the tenant we are in the department chosen. The check in is at 9:00 am. and even 18.00hs. pm.At the time the contract is signed and the remaining amount is paid, the security deposit and charged $ 400 pesos administrative fee, all cash.Besides the contract it will sign the inventory department, pay a security deposit that varies according to the rental period:Less than 30 days, the same amount as the period rented.Between 1 and 6 months: one month's rent.Over 6 months to 1 year: 2 months rent.

The deposit will be in “Tu lugar en Argentina” and will be returned the day of check out, which is at 10.00am. in the same rented property as long as no damage, broken or missing are detected in the unit, if so; It will be deducted from the deposit amount corresponding amount for repairs and replacement thereof. Other information: The departments have a certain capacity, persons will not be able to deal with mas that reminded before in the contract, otherwise one will proceed; to rescinding the same one without right to some return. Temporary rent contracts can not be extended, have a start date and end. The owner and “Tu lugar en Argentina” reserve the right of admission. The department must be delivered in the same conditions of hygiene to be received, otherwise they will be deducted from the deposit $ 50 pesos per hour of cleaning required for cleaning. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and outside of office hours (9-18) will be charged an extra charge for the check in and check out which is $ 50 US dollars and must be notified in advance to “Tu lugare en Argentina”. Not made check in and check outs between 12 pm and 6 am.

Thank you very much and we wait for you!